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Viral: Da Vinci or Da Vinky: How this meme went viral on Twitter – Times of India


Chris and Patrick Vörös, who happen to be twins, post a video of themselves on TikTok where they play a trivia game. While they are answering the questions live, a question pops up that stumps both. It is: “Who painted Mona Lisa?” Both of them haven’t got a clue as to what the right answer is. When the app tells them that the answer is Da Vinci (Leonardo Da Vinci), both of them try to pronounce his name and this is what they say: ‘Da Vinky’ (or Da Vinki).
This mispronunciation has grabbed the interest of Twitterati so much that “Da Vinky” has become a meme. The meme has gone viral on the microblogging social media platform with several Da Vinky moments being created online.
One features actor Armie Hammer as the Winklevoss twins.

Da Vinky has also been made a part of The Shining by a Twitter user.

There are plenty more. Twitter’s collective consciousness seems to be very diligently focussed on popularising the blunder (ignorance, sorry) made by the twins. While we can wait for the meme to be replaced by some other, there are high chances of Da Vinky-copycat moments happening in the future which may get unnoticed. For now, Twitterati are just busy savouring the Da Vinky moments.

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