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Pokemon Go: Pokemon Go has a challenger in Pac-Man Geo – Times of India


Japanese game publisher Bandai Namco is gearing up to launch a Pokemon Go rival. The game under development is Pac Man Geo and is expected to launch later this year, as per a report by PhoneArena.
The year 2020 is Pac-Man’s 40th anniversary and launching the Augmented Reality mobile game is how Bandai Namco wants to celebrate. Pac-Man Geo would come to both Android and iOS and the game is open for pre-registration on the respective app stores. In Pac-Man Geo, your hero Pac-Man will make you run in real life for those precious pellets in the neighborhood.
As per the game description on the Google Play Store, “New York, Paris, Tokyo… make a PAC-MAN maze by choosing from a variety of real-world streets. Go for the high score on unique real-world streets and collect landmarks from famous places all over the world, even from the comfort of home. PAC-MAN is at last hitting the streets of the real world.”
From the looks of the images, you may have the option to build your own mazes, apart from the in-game ones.
Most of the world is practising social distancing these days and no one knows for sure when would be the right time to venture out without a mask. Still, Bandai Namco seems confident about launching an Augmented Reality game that requires people to run in the lanes and on the streets.

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