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COVID-19: During lockdown, stay fit at home with a little push from workout buddies


An unexpected yet welcome result of the lockdown, the fitness community is reaching out to those who need a little motivation to stay fit during the Coronavirus pandemic

“I am demotivated,” said one friend to the other. “I need to get back on my yoga mat and start. I cannot do it at home alone,” she continued. The following day, the friend promptly made a WhatsApp video call, dressed in her yoga pants and set to start a surya namaskar session with the friend who needed motivation.

In an unprecedented nationwide lockdown to curb the spread of COVID-19, those who need more than a push to stick to a fitness routine are finding great motivation from their friends and gym/yoga buddies. “It is all about lifting each other. I would rather motivate my friends to work out than post pretty pictures for a challenge. I challenge my friends for some workout everyday and it is going good for us,” says Havovi Batliwala, a marketing professional with a food coupon company.

Namrata Purohit and Sara Ali Khan are rocking their live workout sessions. So is Katrina and her pilates guru Yasmin Karachiwala.

What do we do if we don’t have a Katrina or a Namrata in our life? “It is obvious we turn to our friends. Apart from workout motivation, I also look for motivation to eat healthy,” says Vasumana Ghosh, a communications professional.

Like Vasumana, several others are jumping into their daily workout session with a little push from their buddies. The idea is not to give into the excuse of a lockdown, instead get their daily fix of weight training, cardio and yoga.

This also proves that gym buddies are not just missing each other but also finding unique ways to keep each other motivated, using innovative weights for their weight training and coming up with surprise challenges for each other every morning.

The how-to’s

And what best way to do it than through Instagram stories and videos? “If you are one of those who cannot do without weight training, make use of an empty cylinder to keep the bicep contours in shape,” says Avinash Jitendher, a trainer. What about a full cylinder? Leave that alone at all costs, he warns.

Unable to go out for cardio? “If you stay in an apartment complex take the stairs up and down at wee hours and finish your 10k steps,” says Bilon Aristotle, a fitness trainer.

Hygiene etiquette in your workout regimen is a top priority. Make sure to not touch the railings while doing so. Before stepping out, keep the sanitiser bottle near the door and carry a small one with you. Sanitise before and after going in and out. Also don’t forget to wipe the door handle with a disinfectant wipe.

Adarsh Rajan, an events manager from Visakhapatnam is making use of a 20-litre water can for his weight training. “The weight is less, but something is better than nothing. I am doing most of my workout at home and not stepping out,” he assures.

Is he taking part in the fitness challenges thrown by his gym buddies? “Of course. It is a tough time for all and we need ways to keep each other motivated.”

The small group of gymmers from Gavin’s Gym in Banjara Hills, Hyderabad, looks forward to the challenges. Says Alay Razvi, a lawyer, “I am the first one most of the time to throw the challenge. I am an early bird and before my other buddies are up, I choose my workout and post it with a challenge. Yesterday was a plank challenge, today I challenged my buddies for push ups with variations… it will continue,” Alay’s wife, Shilpa too has taken up the challenge and is looking forward to beat her husband in the four-minute plank challenge.

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