Nurses Are at High Risk for Covid Among Health Workers, C.D.C. Says

Among health care workers, nurses in particular have been at significant risk of contracting Covid-19, according to a new analysis of hospitalized patients...

There’s Water and Ice on the Moon, and in More Places Than NASA Thought

Observations by spacecraft a decade ago had also suggested a more widespread distribution of water on the moon. Those measurements focused on a...

Moon may hold frozen water in more places than suspected – Times of India

CAPE CANAVERAL: The moon's shadowed, frigid nooks and crannies may hold frozen water in more places and in larger quantities than previously suspected,...

Witnessing Peru’s Enduring, if Altered, Snow Star Festival

At the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, with travel restrictions in place worldwide, we launched a new series — The World Through a...

In Madagascar, Endangered Lemurs Find a Private Refuge

Sambava, Madagascar — Madagascar has always been one of the best places on Earth to study the natural world. Seventy percent of its...

Biden Pledges Ambitious Climate Action. Here’s What He Could Actually Do.

If those spending measures cannot secure enough Republican support to beat a filibuster, Mr. Schumer plans to use a budgetary procedure, called reconciliation,...

White House Releases New Plan for Seismic Tests in Arctic Refuge

The Trump administration has relaunched long-delayed plans to conduct a seismic survey in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska as a prelude...

UnitedHealth Ships Flu Kits to Medicare Recipients

With Covid-19 hospitalizations spiking again in many parts of the country, public health officials have expressed concerns about a perennial source of strain...

World Polio Day: Need for uninterrupted vaccination during pandemic – Times of India

HYDERABAD: As the World Polio Day is observed around the globe amid the Covid-19 pandemic on Saturday, experts underlined the need for continuing...

Men produce more Covid antibodies than women: Study – Times of India

LISBON: On average, men produce more Covid-19 antibodies than women, say Portuguese researchers, adding that, 90 per cent of the patients have detectable...

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