With time at hand, hobbyists are making fermented foods at home

A side effect of the pandemic, fermented foods such as kimchi, kombucha, and kefir are being made at home now that hobbyists finally...

Fancy a tipple delivered right at your doorsteps?

Hyderabad-based company Booozie is setting out to deliver alcohol at doorsteps across the country Imagine getting your favourite wine home-delivered. Hyderabad-based social networking platform...

Kiddie YouTube influencers are covertly hyping junk food to kids

Those sugary junk foods kids beg for in the supermarket? They were likely recommended by a child YouTube influencer. A new study found that...

Feel unsafe in NYC? You can hire a personal bodyguard on demand

Unless you count elbowing sorority girls to get a bartender’s attention, I’ve never been involved in a real NYC tussle. But at 5-foot-2 and...

This guy won his own backyard dive bar from Miller High Life

From scratch-cooking to online fitness, folks have spent this year cultivating lots of ways to ease stress and regain a sense of normalcy...

Jeannette Williams-Parker, Nurse in a Virus Hot Spot, Dies at 48

This obituary is part of a series about people who have died in the coronavirus pandemic. Read about others here.Jeannette Williams-Parker loved rock...

A Malaria Mystery, Partly Solved: What Happens When the Rains End?

But during the dry season, the researchers found, the parasites in most red blood cells stopped making the sticky versions of that protein....

Star hotels in Coimbatore open their kitchens for takeaways

As the city gradually opens up after subsequent lockdowns, luxury hotels innovate to keep their kitchens busy: from curated meals in a box...

Instinct over sight: Why cooking vloggers kavithanagavlogs is seeing online success

Nagalakshmi, a cook with visual impairment, and her sister-in-law Bondala Kavitha use their cheery vlog to remind us that the best kind of...

Respecting Children’s Pain

The second goal was to make pain understood. Over the past 25 years, Dr. Eccleston said, research has elucidated the pain system, including...

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