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Alia Bhatt pens a poetic birthday note for sister Shaheen: I believe you’re my soul mate, you make every living moment better – Times of India


Alia Bhatt turned poet and penned a loving birthday note for her sister Shaheen. Attempting to describe their doting relationship, Alia wrote, “Since we were little, you were always my angel, You literally gave me wings, dancing around with ME on beds and things, I love that we’ve got our own language, one that’s full of fruits and veggies, Ahh.. life without you is just so basic, also who would look after my arms and leggies? I know we’re technically sisters, But I believe you’re my soul mate too, you make every living moment better, I truly don’t know what id do without you!! You’re my everything sweetie.. my sunshine & when the weather is bad my umbrella too.. happy birthday to ME, As today is the day I to celebrate you!”

The actress also expressd that she is no poet but aimed to impress her sister, “On your birthday I tried very hard to impress you.. but I’m no writer.. just your little sister who loves you.” The siblings had stepped out for lunch and Alia shared adorable snaps from their outing. Alia and Shaheen were accompanied by their mother Soni Razdan.

Previously, Soni Razdan had also penned an endearing note, celebrating her daughter Shaheen’s birthday. “When Shaheen was 5 months old we went to Hong Kong to stay with my sister @tinala13 … this pic was taken there … when I look back I think how absolutely brave we were as mothers to travel with our babies all over the place with no paraphernalia and help. Perhaps that’s why we had so much fun and bonded in a way that you only can when you are a total hands on mum. These bonds are as strong as ever today. On this day this incredible child was born to us and nothing was ever the same again ! That’s the magic of birth and birthdays isn’t it. Everything changes in a heartbeat and another soul embarks on their life’s journey … love you Shaheen darling. May your journey be exciting and full of love and continue to inspire so many others … Happy Birthday sweetheart,” Soni had posted on Instagram.

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