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Friday Night Open Thread: Give Me Your Tired, Your Po…

‘Kung Fu’ Reboot from CW Features Feminist Hero and ‘Social Justice’ EmphasisBreitbart | 04/06/2021 | David Ng

Putting the warrior in social justice warrior, the rebooted version of the classic TV series Kung Fu debuts Wednesday on the teen-oriented CW network. In place of the late David Carradine, the woke series features a feminist heroine and an overarching emphasis on “social justice.”

The new Kung Fu focuses on a female Chinese-American law-school dropout who becomes a martial arts warrior (Olivia Liang). After mastering kung fu, she returns home to San Francisco to protect her parents and to fight violent triads.

Liang said the show offers an opportunity to address Asian on-screen representation.

“I think the timing of our show is really impeccable,” she reportedly said.

Yes, the timing is impeccable. The series was in the can, ready to debut, and the media suddenly found an interest in anti-Asian attacks which have been at no higher rate than in previous years. You don’t suppose . . . . ? Nah. Couldn’t be.

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Source: Friday Night Open Thread: Give Me Your Tired, Your Po…

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